Zhijun Wang

Tai Chi for Better Health Instructor

Zhijun Wang

Native born Chinese and native educated in Chinese language and literature with a B.A. . Lived in the UK since 1989. Did not pay attention to Tai Chi till well over middle age in life and when he did take in Tai Chi it was outside of China, and he fell in love with Tai Chi to bits for all it’s cultural and philosophical aspects, apart from the apparent health and well-being features. His observation, exploration and explanation, in some ways, his remembering of Tai Chi is refreshing, providing, capturing and engaging.

Certified Tai Chi for Health instructor of Tai Chi for Health Institute specializing in Tai Chi for Diabetes, Tai Chi for Arthritis and Falls Prevention; and instructor member of the Tai Chi & Qigong Union of Great Britain. Been teaching Tai Chi since 2017. Running classes, providing and help providing park Tai Chi sessions, helping community groups and events, working with health professionals in support of people with diabetes, dementia etc., helping people in rehabilitation centre etc.    

Internal Styles: Simplified Yang Style and Modified Sun Style

Qigong Systems: Xiang Gong, Five Elements of Dr Lam’s Qigong for Health, Shibashi Qigong, Zhan Zhuang and other Chinese health practice and exercise.

Available: Online Classes, Face to Face Class, and Corporate Sessions, - meaning ongoing sessions for groups and institutions; Also, event sessions for promotion and fundraising.

Tel: 07462 181878

Email: [email protected]