More About Us

Harrow Health Matters (HHM) was founded by Varsha Soneji, Medical Herbalist, in 2017 to encourage truly holistic collaboration for the benefit of her local community in and around Harrow.
We bring together a variety of experts in all fields of health, wellbeing and fitness which includes mind, body, and spirit. We are not against any modality of medicine or therapy as each has it’s place and merit as well as each person having the right to choose their preferred method of healing.
Oftentimes, two or more modalities can be used safely together to heal a person in a more holistic way encompassing different routes to get to the root cause of disease as well as giving symptomatic relief.
Since lockdown due to Coronavirus, we have grown due to the increased use of digital media and video. Hence, we are now broadening our net to the community a little further afield such as Greater London, Milton Keynes, Hertfordshire, and Barnet. We will not turn away anyone who is need of our services. We will collaborate and find a way.

Aims & Goals

  1. We aim to make Harrow the place to find expert therapists who work together for the benefit of the client/patient.
  2. We aim to collaborate for the community, rather than compete.
  3. We aim to create a directory for the community to refer to when searching for their modality of choice.
  4. We aim to make referrals that are a right fit for the client/patient.
  5. We aim to support the community with expert health information through our newsletter.
  6. We aim to support local small businesses in the health, fitness, and wellness industry to network.
  7. We aim to create a knowledge share platform where we can expand and grow as therapists and practitioners.
  8. We aim to be inclusive of anyone with expert knowledge in health and wellbeing whilst also being strict about qualifications of our members. These may be formal or informal (such as personal experience).
  9. We aim to have open communication with all involved from client, experienced member, therapist, practitioner, doctor, surgeon, or consultant.
  10. We will follow all mandatory guidelines on confidentiality and GDPR through our own individual businesses.

Mission Statement

Harrow Health Matters will always have your best health interests at heart and will collaborate with other health, wellbeing and fitness professionals and experts to support our Community.

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