Shaileen Shah - Happiness Coach, Speaker and Trainer.

Shaileen Shah is a Happiness Coach, Speaker and Trainer. Previously having been in finance technology for the investment banking arm of RBS during the RBS takeover of Natwest, the RBS takeover of ABN Ambro and the financial crisis he has experienced the challenges brought by uncertainty, change and stress. He is certified in The Science of Happiness and shares through Happy Life Habits, a business for good.

Happy Life Habits Positively Impacts Happiness & Well Being Levels by creatively and uniquely combining Personal Development + The Science of Happiness + Spirituality.

Sharing and developing Habits to live a Happy Life, so individuals, groups, communities & companies can engage in a happier, kinder, effective and meaningful way with the challenges that life unfolds. Combining Personal Development with The Science of Happiness & Spirituality to create and share uniquely creative, informative and valuable material through talks, workshops, training and coaching.

We share knowledge, skills, tools and experience to inspire, encourage, shift mindset to develop and integrate positive, empowering habits into our lives.

Topics include:

  • Science of Happiness & Wellbeing
  • Gratitude & Journaling
  • Positivity
  • Mental Health
  • Positive Grief
  • Habits etc.

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07900 137 566