Sal Batavia - Craniosacral Therapist; Past Life and Inner Child Regression Expert Therapist; Group Journeying Facilitator

After a 20-year career as a Social Worker and Counsellor Sal Batavia runs a successful online and face to face wellness practice in London and Herts.

All her services are also available remotely to clients that a further afield / during the CV19 pandemic. Sal currently offers the services of Craniosacral Therapy; ‘Hands-On Hands-Off’ Remote Body Therapy; Past Life Transformational Regression Therapy; Inner Child and Current Life Transformational Regression Therapy; Energy Attachment Release Therapy.

The first two services are suitable for pregnancy, babies, children, teenagers and everyone else in the family. Sal is able to support the mind body soul needs of all members of the family through her warm empathetic approach an extensive experience.

To read what clients have to say about the work please view: Google, Facebook, business and website.