Hasina Patel Bsc (Hons) MCSP Specialist Chartered Physiotherapist (MSK/ Sports/Orthopaedics)

Hasina is a specialist in rehabilitation of injuries, operations and managing long term conditions, in accordance with the most recent research and NICE guidelines. She has more recently become passionate about preventative medicine and believes if people were to be able to access Physiotherapy advice earlier, they could prevent injuries, limit the impact an injury or health condition can have on both physical and mental health and therefore quality of life. She has taken to spreading her extensive Physiotherapy and health expertise in every way possible; sneaking it into her Pilates and rehab exercise classes, webinars, talks, and also supports and guides other health enthusiasts such as personal trainers, fitness instructors with their clients.

Hasina’s second passion is to address health inequalities, and helped take care of our loved ones at home in a time they have really needed it, in those challenging covid lockdowns, and has reached the most marginalised groups in the community, worldwide!

She guides clients to achieve their goals. Her Physiotherapy style is coaching to empower her clients to feel confident about exercising.


Physiotherapy: 1-2-1 online or face to face

Physio-led exercise classes: 1-2-1 or group. (Both online or face to face)

(Regular classes: Over 60s, post natal, Rehab, clinical Pilates, Wholesome and Intense- HIIT and Pilates mixed)

Personalised exercise/ health and wellbeing packages: Contact if you wish to organise private group/ work team bookings for talks, webinars or exercise sessions.

Contact/ Follow:

Instagram: @hasinaphys10

Fb: HasinaPhysio

Website: hasinaphysio.com