Dominika Krawiec

I am a counsellor specializing in psychotherapy, CBT, bereavement, anxiety, depression, self-esteem, and life improvement. With an MA in psychoanalytic studies, background working at Meadow House Hospice and Rethink Mental Illness, I provided crucial support to individuals and families in emotional distress.  I have been facilitating bereavement counselling and offering guidance to individuals dealing with trauma, anxiety, schizophrenia, depression and life challenges.

Currently, I am focused on enhancing my private practice, where I work with a diverse clientele, spanning different age groups. My professional philosophy revolves around the belief that healing begins by embracing and accepting one’s emotions, leading to a more fulfilling life. My dedication to improving the well-being of others is evident in my commitment to providing empathetic and effective counselling services.



Email: [email protected]

Phone Number: 07933305584